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What is the Difference between an Academic Paper and a Dissertation?

Although the differences between a dissertation and an academic paper may seem unclear, there are several factors that make these two forms of writing different from one another. The main difference between a dissertation and an academic research paper is length.

An academic research paper has a typical word count of 5,000 to 10,000 words while a dissertation typically ranges from 70,000 to 120,000 words. Writing a dissertation is more extensive than writing an academic paper because it requires more research and takes longer to complete.

While an academic paper covers only one topic or idea in detail, a dissertation covers many topics or ideas in great depth of knowledge. For this reason, the structure of the two forms differs greatly.

When writing an academic research paper, the writer takes on the role of a scholar. On the other hand, when writing a dissertation, writers take on the role of an expert in their field. A dissertation is not justifiable unless it is written by someone who has done a thorough research and has enough knowledge to write about each topic in detail.

The structure of an academic research paper is similar to other research papers, whereas the structure of a dissertation varies. Dissertations are usually not written in chronological order; instead they are organized according to specific topics or ideas. The introduction and conclusion do not always come at the beginning and end of the dissertation - each chapter has its own separate introduction.

The style of writing in an academic paper is formal, whereas the style of writing in a dissertation can be both informal and formal.

To sum it up, the main difference between an academic research paper and a dissertation is their length - while an academic research paper has around 10,000 words; a dissertation has at least 70,000 words. Their structures are also different – while one follows a chronological structure, the other can have a non-chronological structure.

The purpose of an academic paper is to convey ideas and information clearly whereas the purpose of a dissertation is to give new ideas, concepts, theories or explanations that will help readers understand how something works or why something happens.

What is the Difference between a Term Paper and a Dissertation?

Just as there is a difference between an academic paper and a dissertation, there is also a difference between a term paper and a dissertation. The main difference between these two types of writing is that while both are long papers (term papers can be anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 words; a dissertation is usually longer), term papers focus on an individual idea or concept rather than examining multiple ideas (as would be expected in a dissertation).

The purpose of writing a term paper is to provide background information, an introduction to the topic and present new findings. A term paper does not offer any new ideas or theories about the topic - it simply informs readers about existing knowledge.

A dissertation, on the other hand, is expected to present new findings that are based on thorough research. A dissertation can range from 70,000 to 120,000 words and it typically has a non-chronological structure with each chapter focusing on one idea or topic. The purpose of writing a dissertation is to share new information and ideas based on thorough research.

Term papers tend to be written in a formal style, whereas dissertations can be written either formally or informally (depending on the topic). The structure of a term paper is usually chronological; it also includes an introduction and conclusion. Dissertations structure differs depending on the chapter's topic.

Types of Dissertation Writing

While the structure and the purpose of a dissertation are similar in most cases, there is a difference in how each dissertation is written depending on the type of dissertation being written.

The following types of dissertations can be written:

A literature review - this type of dissertation reviews existing knowledge about a certain topic or idea - this type of dissertation explains how the research will be carried out. A literature review and a method can be combined in one dissertation.

An analysis - this type of dissertation focuses on what data has been gathered during the course of research; it also reports new findings based on existing information. This type of thesis is the hardest to write since it requires thorough research and focus on the structure of the dissertation.

A theoretical framework - this type of dissertation provides a theoretical framework that will guide future research on similar topics or ideas. A literature review, an analysis, and a theoretical framework can all be combined in one dissertation.

Dissertation Writing Is Hard Work

It requires thorough research to make sure that all facts are accurate. It is also time-consuming work - it can take 6-10 months to write one dissertation, depending on the type of thesis being written.

A literature review is easier to write since it does not involve any new research - instead, an author focuses on existing information and presents it in a logical way.

An analysis requires thorough research in order to ensure that all data is relevant and correct.

A theoretical framework requires the most work since it involves creating a theoretical approach for future research on similar topics or ideas.

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