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People define the word, “custom,” in many ways, especially in the writing services industry. For many, custom writing simply means finding content online that relates to the customer’s order, and then re-configuring or “spinning” it, in order to fill that order. Other, even less scrupulous companies, will think nothing of plagiarizing content, delivering it to a customer, without a pang of guilt for placing that customer at risk for serious consequences. has a very strict definition of custom writing, and every piece that we produce and deliver to a customer will follow the same process:

  1. The clients will be required to provide us with all details of the writings they order. We need to know exactly what is being ordered, including length, types of research (if required), the format and citation requirements, and any other specifics that may be necessary. All of this information is entered into an order form on our site. Of course, if a customer needs to discuss any unique or complex features of an order, a writer and support team are always available.

  2. As the piece of writing is in the process, it is common for the writer to contact the client for clarification or with questions. This is just part of our process of ensuring that every order is produced exactly as it has been requested. This is part of how we ensure the best custom writing at!

  3. Once the order is completed, the customer is notified and asked to review the final draft before giving final approval. Again, we have to be certain that the piece is exactly as ordered.

  4. If during the review of the final draft, a client should find any problem, s/he need only notify us, and we will revise accordingly.

The goal at is 100% customer satisfaction, and we will do whatever is necessary to achieve that!

The Types of Custom Writing Provides

Many writing services will turn down requests for some types of custom writings. Usually, this is because the company does not have qualified writing staff members to take on all types of assignments. For example, only a very few custom essay writing services will provide academic writing help for graduate students, because these projects are complex, challenging, and will require Ph.D. consultants. Other services focus only on high school and college custom essays and custom written papers in certain subject fields. High-level math and science papers, case studies, in-depth literature reviews, etc. are too complex and demand significant expertise. Still, other services may do an adequate job with copywriting but nothing else. has had the years in the business to become comprehensive – we will assume any writing task whatsoever. Here are the most common orders we receive:

  • High school, college, and graduate program essays and papers – any topic, any subject field

  • Case Studies – most commonly assigned to business, sociology, and psychology

  • Lab Reports – any field of biology, chemistry, or the physical sciences at any academic level

  • Book and Movie Reviews

  • Research and literature reviews

  • Abstracts, Proposals, and Annotated Bibliographies

  • All or any part of a thesis or dissertation – any topic field

  • Professional Resumes and CV’s

  • Admissions and Scholarship Essays at

  • Copywriting of any type – web content, articles, blog posts, news releases

  • Business Writing – white papers, reports, data research and analysis

  • Professional journal articles for publication

  • Presentations – Academic or Professional

  • Editing and Proofreading of any type of writing

If you do not see what you need on this list, contact us – chances are we have a writer perfect for your need!

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The Difference Between Our Custom Writing Service and the Others

Like any Internet-based business, the quality and service of writing companies vary hugely! Of course, there are the short-lived frauds that promise custom writings and deliver anything but! They close down often and open up under a different name, peddling their cheap writing services to new victims. There are then the mediocre custom writing services – companies that do not have the quality control to check what their writers are producing. The end result is that plagiarism is common, and the quality of writing reflects a lack of strict criteria for employment of writers. A tiny percentage of companies, like, offer the best essay writing available, because they adhere to the following:

●    We provide a custom written paper with every order we receive. It is written from scratch, and the writer follows the customers' instructions explicitly.

●    Every writer we are associated with is highly qualified. You are free to select the writer you want after reviewing their qualifications.

●    Communication is key! We encourage writers and customers to communicate frequently.

●    A live customer service agent is available for you, online or by phone, 24/7.

●    We respect your need for confidentiality. We will never give your information to any third party.

●    Our built-in QA process includes reviewing all papers before they are released to you. This ensures they are original, and that your instructions have been followed.

●    We guarantee your satisfaction. This means any issues will be resolved quickly.

Our Business Model Means We Stay in Business! As our Custom Essay Writing Service Is the Best!

We have always operated under the name of Why? Because we are proud of the quality and the service we give to each and every customer; we have nothing to hide; we believe in open communication, and we insist that every order is filled correctly. In the college writing industry, we are rare, to be sure. But we have also stood the “test of time” by maintaining a high-quality writing service that cannot be equal. What this really means is that, once someone has used our custom writing services, they do not go anywhere else, when the need arises. The majority of our clients are long-term ones and for good reason. When people strive for perfection - our custom essay writing service helps! No matter what you are looking for: either you Google custom writings or customwritings - you'll always find us! We give people exactly what they want when they want it, and it is always of the highest quality to be found anywhere!

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